By partnering with Another 8 Hours® we allow you to focus on the more important matters like being in front of your clients doing what you do best rather than being stuck at a desk pouring over paperwork, rummaging through emails, returning phone calls, and struggling to get everything done by yourself. Meanwhile your family and social life are going down the drain.

Since 2000 we have been relieving the burden and satisfying the needs of clients in a variety of industries. Clients such as…

  • authors (including several best sellers)
  • radio/TV/podcast hosts
  • high profile speakers
  • comedians
  • all types of coaches (business, life, media, communication, etc)
  • trainers
  • Fortune 500 business analytics provider
  • sheet metal fabricator 
  • plastics and foamboard supplier
  • iron oxide pigment manufacturers
  • air transportation company
  • commissioned artist and instructor
  • cosmetic sales director and representative
  • real estate agents
  • specialty bag company
  • emergency medical training facility
  • environmentalist
  • mortgage loan consultant
  • gutter manufacturer/installer
  • gift basket company
  • travel agency
  • media personalities
  • investment representatives
  • online training site
  • property managers
  • retail store owners
  • consultants
  • national and regional sales managers
  • oil company
  • non profit organization executive directors and board of directors
  • patient advocate
  • phsychologist
  • custom packaging provider
  • hot air balloon company
  • towing companies
  • local community organizations such as Rotary
  • chimney sweep
  • massage therapist
  • landscaper
  • brides and grooms 

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